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/ 2023 Focus: Mental Health

From 2013-2018 the number of patients accessing mental health services in the North West region has risen by more than 77,000


/ Who are North West Charity Events?

Established in 2021 North West Charity Events (NWCE) is a foundation care of Giving Works supporting Mental Health and Wellbeing in the North West Region through fundraising events to create a funding stream for project delivery across 18 local and national charities, much like The Big Lottery Fund and Comic Relief.

NWCE was established to inspire, innovate, and influence positive change through the North West region; its communities are our hometowns, where we grew up and where now, we want to give back to.

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/ What Do North West Charity Events Do?

NWCE manage events to raise funds for multiple charities. We provide funding and ask businesses to help us fundraise for our chosen focus of the year. Each year our focus changes so that we can support as many people as possible throughout the region.

2023 FOCUS

/ Our Focus for 2023: Mental Health

Whilst NWCE raises funds for all mental health and wellbeing charities, our focus for 2023 is mental health.

Since 2013, the number of NHS mental health doctors in the region has increased (+8%), but at a much slower rate than demand. The figures below give you an insight into how much the North West needs your help.


Mental illness is estimated to cost the UK economy between £74bn and £99bn a year

1 in 4

One-in-four adults experience mental illness during their lifetime

1 in 10

One-in-ten children experience mental illness during their lifetime


Since 2013 the number of NHS mental health nurses in the region has increased by just 11

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