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Giving Works Micro Trust

/ Our Mission

North West Charity Events (NWCE) is a Giving Works Micro Trust (Charity Number: 1078770). Our purpose as a charitable foundation is to provide grant support to help charities make a positive impact on health and wellbeing in the North West region.

Our mission is to bring people together to understand the most important issues and opportunities affecting communities in the North West and to focus our efforts collaboratively to make the biggest impact and influence a positive change in quality of life and promote equal access to health and wellbeing support.

/ Our Vision

Our vision is for the North West region to be a place where people thrive and where everyone in the community has the chance to be as healthy and as well as possible.

We are: Resilient, Collaborative, Transparent, Innovative, Passionate, Creative, Fun.

/ Our Purpose

Together, the NWCE team are passionate about the North West region. Its communities are our home towns, where we grew up and where now, we want to give back to.

We established NWCE to create a collective voice to inspire, innovate and influence positive change through collaboration.

/ Our Aim

Advance charitable purpose in the North West region through collaboration with communities and working with charity partners.

Promote health and wellbeing by raising awareness and fundraising through organised events, digital channels, marketing, and PR.


Advancing charitable purpose throughout the NW


Creating positive change in the areas we grew up in


A collective voice that influences positive change


2022 promises to have a positive impact on our region

From 2013-2018 the number of patients accessing mental health services in the North West region has risen by more than 28%

/ How to get involved with NWCE

This NWCE due diligence request is made on an invitation basis and the following document is a request for proposal to be completed by the lead contact for the charity.

/ Frequently Asked Questions

North West Charity Events (NWCE) is a Giving Works Micro Trust.

Q: Who are North West Charity Events?

North West Charity Events (NWCE) is a micro trust run by Giving Works (Charity Number: 1078770). Our mission as a non-profit foundation is to give grant funding to organisation that improve health and well-being in the North West.

Q: Why should I donate to North West Charity Events?

We collaborate with communities and engage with charity partners to advance charitable purposes in the North West area. We want to raise awareness and funds for health and wellness through planned events, digital channels, marketing and public relations.

Q: Where can I donate?

Q: What payment method can I use to donate with?

You can donate via Debit / Credit Card, PayPal, Gift Voucher or Direct Debit

Q: Is there a minimum/maximum amount I can donate?

No, you can donate as much as you can afford. Every penny helps us help our charities.

Q: Where can I apply for sponsorship or charities participation?

Q: Who do I contact if I have a question or issue with my donation?

Q: Can I volunteer for NWCE?

Q: What charities take part in the NWCE?

Visit our Charities page for a full, comprehensive list of the charities we’re working with this year:

Q: Can I donate if I live outside of UK?

Absolutely. Head over to our donations page and pledge whatever you can afford:

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