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From 2013-2018 the number of patients accessing mental health services in the North West region has risen by more than 28%

What makes the North West unique?

A region of stark contrasts and striking landscapes, the North West is the scene of economic growth and urban renaissance to rival any in Europe. From the outstanding natural beauty of the Lake District, England’s premier National Park, to the bustling, modern contemporary European City Region conurbations of Manchester and Liverpool, European Capital of Culture in 2008; from its extensive coastline and popular resorts like Blackpool and Southport, to great historic towns and cities such as Carlisle, Lancaster and Chester; with World Heritage Sites as wide ranging as Liverpool City Centre and Hadrian’s Wall, and superb landscapes including many Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the region is distinctive and diverse.

It is this diversity, along with its sheer scale, that is the North West’s defining characteristic. It is home to 6.8 million people – that’s more than several European countries – and is the largest English region outside London and the South East.

  • Culture
  • Natural Beauty
  • Diversity
2023 FOCUS

Our Focus for 2023: Mental Health

Whilst NWCE raises funds for all mental health and wellbeing charities, our focus for 2023 is mental health.

Since 2013, the number of NHS mental health doctors in the region has increased (+8%), but at a much slower rate than demand. The figures below give you an insight into how much the North West needs your help.


Mental illness is estimated to cost the UK economy between £74bn and £99bn a year

1 in 4

One-in-four adults experience mental illness during their lifetime

1 in 10

One-in-ten children experience mental illness during their lifetime


Since 2013 the number of NHS mental health nurses in the region has increased by just 11

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